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To gather all of the top cocktails products on the market under one catalog. To act as a complete ressource for stores and specialized businesses who wish to stand out by offering a modern mixology section. Established in Montreal in 2012, Jesemi is an independent company, working closely with artisans and wholesalers to promote quality cocktails.

Our catalog is constantly evolving and mostly comprises Canadian and American creations, specifically selected for their quality, design and originality.

Who are we?

Jesemi is, above all, a handful of devoted young people who enjoy a good cocktail when evening comes (or before, when they have to!) Founded by Jean-Sébastien Michel, the project is today a diverse and cosmopolitan team of talented employees from different horizons. We test out the world’s very best cocktail ingredients, and we work hard to promote those we select.

The partner of artisans

We are more than a channel from which products come and go. Jesemi aims to create a high-valued network of creators for our partners. According to their needs, we help artisans with marketing, development, packaging, choice of products and other areas where our expertise is needed. This is why our varied team consists of communication, editorial and photography experts. We always negotiate our agreements with respect for the artisan’s needs.

Doing more for retailers

Jesemi deeply cares for artisans, as it does for retailers. A vast majority of our partners are independent grocers and storeowners who put their life, economy and passion into their project. This is why we adapt our offer to their needs.

We offer sales training and workshop within our premises. Our professional barman will come to you for mobile demonstrations. We organize in-store tastings with the artisans themselves, we create marketing material for you to use, and much more.

Our catalog is composed of non-perishable best-sellers, and we absorb an important part of shipping costs to help minimizing retailers’ expenses and risks. As a result, all of our clients without exception see their cocktail sales increase and, for many, double every year.