Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

  • Handmade in South Carolina

  • Small numbered batches

  • Natural Ingredients


Their story

Jack Rudy is an American cocktail line of syrups named after a clever engineer, air daredevil and amateur cocktail enthusiast.

The tonic syrup – characterized by soft and balanced flavors – plays on both herb and lemon, which makes it a wonderful mix with delicate gins. The clear colour and strong presence of quinine makes it an solid alternative to commercial pre-mixed tonics.

The Grenadine is itself the quintessence of Pomegranate: fruits come from a small California farm using a patented traditional press for the highest extraction quality. To this are added the cane syrup and orange blossom water in measured quantities to keep the liveliness and “bite” of fresh juice.

Not to mention that bottles and their simple labels are incredibly sexy and act as a true customer magnet. We’ve tested it and we’re sure you’ll be able to confirm!


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