Tomr's Tonic

  • Handmade in New York

  • Small batches

  • 100% organic


Their story

In a time when premium quality gins are increasingly available, there is no reason to settle for bland supermarket tonics.

The first thing you’ll notice about Tomr’s Tonic is the rich amber colour – a hint that Tomr’s Tonic is truly unique with a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, dry and refreshing.

Tomr’s is not a mass-produced sticky sweet Tonic water made from high-fructose corn syrup and synthetic quinine. Instead, Tomr’s Tonic is a 100% organic, well-balanced and bracing elixir that combines the unique flavors of real cinchona bark (quinine), citrus, herbs and cane sugar.

Because Tomr’s Tonic was crafted as a syrup concentrate, it lasts longer and never goes flat. Yes, you read well, no half-empty cans of tonic going to waste!


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