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  • Made in Canada

  • Real fruits

  • Rich syrups that are shelf stable at room temperature even after opening

What do the Four Seasons, Atelier Robuchon and Château Frontenac have in common? All use Prosyro in their cocktails.

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After two years providing only the best bars, hotels and restaurants in Canada, JESEMI finally got the green light to market PROSYRO to shops and the public!

What is Prosyro?

Prosyro is a 100% Canadian owned and run company producing high quality cocktail syrups, reserved for professional use as a first step, as of September 2019, the range is available for individuals. We privilege using fruits from Okanagan, Niagara Valley and Quebec's agricultural lands. Most other fruits come from the Americas as well; minimizing built in transportation costs and the environmental footprint of the drinks we help making. Revolute are the dark times when choices were limited to either boring industrial syrups, or the laborious and perpetual confection of homemade syrups by employees already overwhelmed.


The essential of your cocktail section

Give your customers the opportunity to rediscover the quality of professional syrups at home. Simple to use, marry them with all your cocktails and let your creativity! They will quickly become a staple on your shelves.

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Selection of available products